Modern buildings require modern solutions. Vemmio company has been specializing in automation and security systems for over 13 years.

In Papajastudio we comprehensively dealt with what was a weak point of the brand, namely its visual identity and product packaging system.

Creative work for the Vemmio brand included:

  • analytical phase,
  • development of information architecture,
  • content copywriting,
  • logo design,
  • system of icons and pictograms,
  • design of individual groups of packaging,
  • brand communication,
  • key visuals.
  • website (functional and graphic design, programming works),
  • product catalog design,
  • author’s supervision over implementation.

In Papajastudio we follow the design principle “less is more”, therefore, we focused on minimalism, which allowed to highlight the technological aspect of the brand’s products and services.

Thanks to the new system of visual identification, the aspect of innovative, technologically advanced solutions dedicated to fans of new technologies has been emphasized, both in B2B and B2C terms.

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