A new product launch is planned. The product, i.e. liquid apple pectin, is unique and has no equivalent on the Polish market.

On the one hand, this situation is extremely comfortable, because the lack of direct competition emphasizes the uniqueness and innovation of the product, on the other hand we must deal with the lack of public awareness of the product.

The product will be distributed by a brand created for this need, so you cannot support yourself directly by the authority of the brand, but you need to build it. Therefore, during the workshop we worked together on topics related to the essence of the brand or the brand archetype, in order to give a strong foundation for the construction of a distinctive brand, consistent with the ideas guiding the creation of the product, which was worked on for 10 years.

During the workshops, we determined that the product will not compete with medical products, and it is also undesirable to assign the product to the category of dietary supplements. However, it is unambiguous that the product will be associated with healthy food, due to the constant growth of this market segment.

The comprehensive scope of Papajastudio’s branding work included:

  • strategic workshop,
  • audit of the competitive environment,
  • name development (naming),
  • logo design,
  • bottle label design,
  • cardboard packaging design,
  • website (functional design, graphic design and programming work),
  • content copywriting,
  • branding guidelines for product launch.

The name is based on the word “fiber”, which means “dietary fiber”. When explaining what liquid pectin is, we refer to the phrase “fiber” because it has more recognition than the word pectin and will help build awareness of what properties pectin has.

The name “fiberistic” is constructed similarly to English adjectives such as “futuristic” or “artistic”, which makes it easy to remember.

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