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I founded Papajastudio 14 years ago from the idea of changing Polish reality for the better, through great quality graphic design. Branding in my opinion is ubiquitous and creates our environment. We love to surround ourselves with brands that matter to us. At Papajastudio we help brands to acquire an image that is relevant to them.

Adam Lis, Creative Director of Papajastudio

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Years on the market


People in the team


Satisfied customers


Re/branding processes

A series of broadcasts on RMF Classic.

We educate and share knowledge in the field of trademark design and visual identity systems.

Membership in industry organizations.

The Polish Design Club is a prestigious club gathering the best brand design agencies operating in Poland. Members of the club are invited to become members based on the quality of implemented projects and we are glad that we also create this environment.

Papajastudio and the Second National Graphic Design Exhibition.

Logos of our authorship and a case study presenting the rebranding of Wiśniowski company travel with the exhibition around Poland and Europe.

We have been working with passion for 14 years.

We have a sense of pride and fulfilment that the brand design activities for our customers are becoming more and more powerful every year.

Authorities appreciate our projects.

Nominations and awards in the most prestigious industry competitions confirm the highest quality of our projects.

Polish and international publishers.

We are a distinguished agency from Poland, whose projects have been classified by the German publishing house TASCHEN in an album presenting the best trademarks from around the world.

Trade press.

As practitioners and keen observers of reality, we are happy to share our insights, which we hope will help Polish entrepreneurs, brand managers and marketing departments.

Gold and Silver Medal.

This is our huge success in 2018! We won the podium, i.e. the gold and silver medal in the eighth edition of the German International Corporate Media Award in the category: Logo Design.

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ICDA International Corporate Design Award - papajastudio kraków branding
Fashio Law Catwalk

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