Moonbite company provides the highest quality solutions: dedicated software to manage online sales, websites, B2B systems or applications supporting the organization of tasks in the company.

In Papajastudio we comprehensively dealt with the visual identity system of the brand, so that the basic features and values of the company Moonbite would resound: professionalism, flexibility, passion for (cosmic) challenges.

Creative works for the brand Moonbite include:

  • analytical phase,
  • logo design,
  • key visuals,
  • brand communication,
  • project of complex corporate identity.

We are fans of minimalistic but also cosmic solutions, therefore these two aspects resound the loudest in Moonbite’s visual identity system.

Innovative, technologically advanced solutions offered by Monnbite, go hand in hand with the solutions proposed by Papajastudio. The whole is based on a bold color scheme, which brings a breath of fresh air, joy and dynamism. In such an atmosphere you can confidently explore the secrets of the technological world

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