BEMARES Okna i Drzwi - rebranding-

Bemares company provides the highest quality products and services in the field of construction from window and door woodwork through garage doors to professional consulting and installation. The dynamic development of the company resulting from the emphasis on quality and the need to implement innovative solutions systematically goes beyond the local area.

The goal of the Papajastudio design process was to build a visual identity that would not only take care of brand recognition, but also communicate the values that are the basis of Bemares’ business: quality, professionalism, innovation and safety.

BEMARES Okna i Drzwi - rebranding-
BEMARES Okna i Drzwi - materiały reklamowe-

Work for the Bemares brand included:

  • building the brand strategy,
  • logo design,
  • key visual,
  • project of complex corporate identity.

Projects in the spirit of minimalism and geometry are valued by us because they remain with the brand for many years without major changes in form.

The new visual identity consists primarily of a modern, geometric logo, which symbolically reflects the scope of the company’s activities, referring to the shapes of windows or doors. Accompanying the logo is a dynamic theme based on architectural forms and details. The line follows the contours of windows, doors or architectural elements drawing geometric shapes in perspective.

BEMARES Okna i Drzwi - minimalistyczny projekt -
BEMARES Okna i Drzwi - materiały firmowe -
BEMARES Okna i Drzwi - samochód -
BEMARES Okna i Drzwi - rebranding-