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For 16 years, Emultimax has been an authorized distributor of manufacturers of electrical equipment related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (including electric fireplaces, portable air conditioners, air purifiers or electric heating systems). All products in the company’s offer are aimed at improving the quality of life.

The company is built by people whose mission is to solve problems effectively and improve the comfort of life. By selling high-quality products, the company provides convenience and accurately responds to customer needs. Emultimax also shares its knowledge so that customers know which product they should choose and how to use it. Customers can count on help at every stage of the order, and even long after the purchase.

Emultimax materiały

Work for the Emultimax brand included:

  • defining brand archetypes, building brand strategy,
  • rebranding,
  • key visual,
  • creating slogan and concept of verbal communication,
  • design of complex visual identity,
  • visual communication in social media.

The brand visual identity and communication system was based on the archetype of the sage with an auxiliary archetype of the explorer.

The high aesthetic level of the logo and the leitmotif is meant to reflect the expertise of the brand and strengthen its credibility. Building trust among the brand’s audience further required systematizing the composition of digital and print materials and consistently adhering to created patterns and accepted stylistic principles.

The Emultimax logo is universal due to the use of geometric typography and an abstract signet, which was also built based on geometric shapes. In this way the basic element of the brand identity gives a wide spectrum of possibilities in terms of brand development.

Navy blue embodies the knowledge and professionalism of the sage archetype. Orange, on the other hand, adds a touch of modernity and energy worthy of an explorer. White and grey complete the palette.

Emultimax grafika
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Emultimax rebranding