Packaging is an important element of the sales process. It is the first thing we see when deciding to buy a product. The designed packaging and its final appearance affect the recipient. It creates an emotional bond with him and makes the product be perceived in a specific way from the very beginning. Let’s find out what is the packaging and how we design packaging in Papajastudio.

It is extremely important that the product packaging is consistent with the image and aesthetics of the brand, and also indicates the professionalism and attention to detail.

Individual approach in packaging

 In Papajastudio our clients are treated individually. We select graphic solutions according to the needs of the brand and implementation possibilities. Graphic design of packaging or labels is a complex element, requiring a multi-stage work of specialists, familiar with the brand, its goals and uniqueness. That is why we focus on professionalism and openness. Our services are based primarily on listening to the needs of our clients, dialogue with them and choosing such solutions that will bring the desired effect.

Individuality in terms of the approach to work on the graphic depiction of the essence of the brand seems to be crucial. Our clients want to be treated exceptionally and that is exactly what they expect. We are able to provide you with it. We do everything so that the appearance of your products is unique and distinguished by its shape, colors or structure. We know how important it is to take care of every, even the smallest detail. It is the details that make you more noticeable on the store shelf. It is the details that build success.



Packaging – oriented towards optimal solutions

As a packaging master, we follow the market trends of the relevant industry. This way, the designed label or packaging is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction of the product for the customer. It also stimulates them to purchase the product. We design labels, packaging, and entire product lines for our clients from scratch, considering the precision and quality of selected materials. Optimal graphic solutions and appropriate materials will allow for design work at the highest level.

Packaging design – how does the design work proceed?

We use proprietary, modern tools that, combined with our many years of experience, result in original and aesthetic packaging. We adjust colors, graphic elements, font type, its size and placement. We work on the arrangement of text on the label, so that it is clear, easy to read and contains all necessary information. We work with brand new products, as well as those that need to be corrected, updated or modified graphically and textually. We are open to every challenge.

design of packaging

Designing packaging is not everything…

In addition to the design of packaging products labels and we also deal with the preparation of materials for printing, we supervise the implementation works of packaging systems, as well as their production. Cooperation and supervision of works commissioned to entities responsible for the production of packaging and its labels is an extremely important and necessary element. Thanks to the fact that we remain in contact with the contractors, nothing escapes our attention and the final effect will be exactly as agreed with our clients.

Papajastudio guarantees effective and efficient design of packaging, labels, as well as their redesign. We fulfill every need of our clients after getting to know the specifics of the brand’s activity, as well as recognizing its sales and marketing goals. Together with Clients we work out an initial vision of a graphic representation of a sales product. On the basis of a brief, which contains initial information about how the packaging should look, we move on to design work, the so-called creative activity. Print-ready materials become reality. The packaging in its full glory can proudly take its place on the store shelf. This is what we strive for, this is what we do.

We have worked on packaging for brands such as Herbapol, Konspol, PB Nails, Brumm.

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