Managing a company, its image and communication with the client requires dexterity and the right tools. In Papajastudio we develop an appropriate strategy together with our clients, giving them the opportunity to observe the branding process and understand its purpose. Brand consulting is a service that will determine the foundations of the brand, in order to build on them.

Brief in brand consulting – the most important information about the brand

Brand consulting starts with creating a brief by the client and discussing it during the briefing meeting. Brief is the information prepared by the client about the company’s data, initial situation of the company, goals of undertaken activities, brand characteristics, target group, inspirations, budget allocated for the project and expectations towards the branding agency.

Correctly prepared brief, as well as its thorough discussion during the meeting with the client, will make the creative process easier and more efficient for us – the branding agency. Thanks to the brief and its discussion a specialist brand diagnostic is created. It is the starting point for a detailed analysis of the brand’s image, as well as its sales and marketing activities.

Here are the detailed elements of the brief:

  1. Brief description of the business
  2. Attention to brand differentiators
  3. Brief characteristics of the competition
  4. Definition of the target group
  5. Motivations for taking action
  6. Inspirations for the brand
  7. Determining preferences related to: logo, name, colors and theme
  8. Specification of expectations towards the branding agency
  9. Budget allocated for (re)branding process and implementation projects
  10. Establishing deadlines for projects carried out by the agency.

Strategic workshop – cooperation

 The key element of brand consulting, creating or redesigning a brand, is conducting a strategic workshop, thanks to which we work out a strategy together with the client. This is extremely important both in the process of branding and rebranding. In Papajastudio, we have developed a unique, structured plan for conducting strategic workshops. The plan allows us to comprehensively and effectively develop a brand communication strategy. Thanks to this, from the beginning of the project implementation, the client observes effective and purposeful activity.

Based on a brief prepared by the client, the branding agency determines an initial plan of brand activities. These activities include the creation of a tailor-made strategic workshop. During the workshop we inform our clients about our objective perception of the company. We also place the company’s activities in the context of the future and a dream future that assumes the best possible business results. This allows you to look from two sides in understanding the correct and developmental operation of the company. A broad perspective is the key to success!

During the workshop it is important to determine preferences concerning not only the real activity of the brand, but also its design, visual dimension. Clients choose sample colors, typefaces or a leitmotif.

The effect of the workshops, i.e. close cooperation with our clients, is a strategic report prepared by the agency. It contains a summary of knowledge and findings developed during the workshops.

The report contains points which are necessary in building the brand image and strategy. They constitute the basis for the brand design, its communication and sales strategy. Elements that we describe include brand values and its distinctive features, communication style, brand DNA and its archetype.


brand consulting

Additional strategic work – comprehensiveness and effectiveness

Strategic work within brand consulting also includes: image audit, market analysis, competitive analysis and social trend analysis.

Image audit along with its analysis is an extremely important element of work on brand building. In Papajastudio we select and adjust the scope of the audit to the individual needs of our customers. The purpose of the audit is primarily to provide the Customer with reliable information about the image of their brand, and how it can be perceived by investors, business partners, but also buyers of its products or services. The audit also helps to plan activities concerning brand image, thus increasing their effectiveness at later stages.

An analysis of the market and competitors’ activities is conducted in order to best adapt sales and marketing strategies to the overall requirements. It is also extremely important to analyze current social trends. A trend is not a momentary thing, it builds up over the years and really affects the change in the way consumers and, consequently, entrepreneurs act. It is important that both the logo and other elements of visual identification, but also the look of labels and packaging are adapted to the requirements of current trends. Thanks to the discussed analysis a marketing strategy is developed.

In Papajastudio we create and carry out precise strategic work to bring the best business results, so that the company, regardless of its experience in the market, continues to grow.

Knowing already how the process of brand consulting and creating a brand from scratch goes, bet on professionalism and experience. Cooperation with us means dialogue and listening to your individual needs as well as knowledge and objectivity in advising you and your brand.

We have carried out strategic work for such brands as Wiśniowski, Konspol, Salon Smaków, Inglot, Kazar, Tarczyński, Herbapol.

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